Growing Your Life Passion

Peter M Skaife

Core Curriculum (Fundamental Skills)

Hero University Core Curriculum is based upon the Four Cornerstones of Heroic Living.  (see Core Curriculum/Fundamental Skills)

Internship Experience

Guided Internship Experiences focus on working on a project to achieve a specific result.

Two-Year Apprenticeship

This major learning experience provides an opportunity to learn to commit to yourself and others, and  includes living in a safe, private home with home-cooked vegetarian food available on a “grab and go” basis.

Private weekly training sessions.  Requires participation in a preliminary trial experience, and then a two-year commitment to apprenticeship activities.

Volunteer Exchange Curriculum

Volunteer hours are banked to qualify for skill development workshops.

Module for Your Team (Group, Organization)

We have a full curriculum that is not displayed on this website. If you would like to consider adding a Heroic Living Module to your educational curriculum, please contact us.

For a general overview, please watch the movie, “The Land of Heroic Living”
To prepare yourself, watch the movie, “A Quiet Journey”