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  • Develop Your Project
  • Volunteer and/or Intern With an Existing Project

OUR MISSION is to encourage people to develop a HEROIC MINDSET . . . “a willingness to Journey into New Territory and face their challenges in ways that benefit everyone – themselves, others, and the world!”

You can make a difference  . . .

Start/Develop Your Project

We offer an introductory conversation about your project. You will need to determine the education, training and support you will need as you develop your project to meet an “unmet need” within the community.

Volunteer/Help with an Existing Project

We can help you find a volunteer opportunity to help with the growth of a valuable new project.

Give Financial Support

I would like to help get these projects started.  I realize that I can make a contribution through MOTHER, but I can’t wait and would like to send this gift now to support Hero University:

You  make a difference – whether you are starting a new project,volunteering with an existing project, or offering friendship to a person in a time of need!